The Story of the 102 Kilometre Journey: Jitters and the Pre-Race

Photo Credits: Running Berto, Pam Mangampo

Photo Credits: Running Berto

The Team

Roughly a week before the race, I didn’t have no one to personally support me, and we still needed additional support crew. Ma Annaly Alojado, PM’d me to ask if I already have a support crew. And I said none yet. In my behalf, she sent a PM to Rhina Sison, who still had to get approval from her better half Mike since it will be her first BDM exposure, and I’m just so glad that she got a thumbs up to join us. My friend Jim later on joined in.

The Team:
Ate Bhie – the CEO, in-charge of the overall production team
Bert dela Victoria – Official Photographer
Pam and Rhina – In charge of our nutrition
Abet Tubera – Official Timekeeper
Enrique Sundiag – Physical Therapist
Jim – Personal Assistant
Kuya Jobay – our pilot on the road

March 1, 2013 – I was already on leave from office to prep up for the race day happening late Saturday night, March 2. I had all my logistics ready with the help from Jim, who had to accompany me secure additional logistics at the last minute.

Saturday came and I felt all the jitters, my stomach was crumbling every now and then.

We rendezvoused at the Star Mall on Saturday afternoon. Jim had to pick me up at home to help me carry my stuff. There’s quite a bunch of them and I needed extra pair of hands. As soon as everyone was accounted for, we started the long drive to Bataan via NLEX. Just so all of us would be ready for the drive up north, we stopped by at the NLEX drive through to grab some food and to go through the game plan. There, we met up with a lot more runners joining BDM102.

After the quick meal, we boarded the van and took off. It was mid – afternoon. And I needed extra hours of sleep. I lost track of time. I looked through the window and it was already dark. And we’re about to touch down at the race venue.

Upon touching down at the race venue, we took our pre-race dinner. It was early evening. And just like any other race, excitement filled the air. Vans carrying the racers and their respective support teams were already arriving. We put on our racing gears and got ready for the gun start.


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