An Open Letter On Love and Relationships

Hey…hope you’re coping with your situation alright. You are still young and still too childish. Don’t be in a haste to grow up. Live your life one day at time. There’ll be lots of happy and good things, errr, better things that will come your way. Just be strong as there’ll be stormy days and nights to face.

Relationships come and go. It hurts when someone you love so much is gone. Think about what happened, and why. If it’s something that you can save, talk about it and make a compromise. But if you both keep on pointing out what’s not good about each other, then you may have to reconsider. Love is not about finding fault in each other. It’s about holding on because there’s something good about the other. Relationship doesn’t work one way. It’s about letting someone pass when it’s a one way road; letting someone go ahead and make sure to secure her back; or going ahead, holding her hand and leading the way. To love is to trust.

If you feel that you are being hurt deliberately, if you think she no longer has the same feelings for you the way she had before, and you’re heading up to the losing end, talk to her and tell her how you feel about the situation, and what it does to you. You can’t avenge your feelings by showing that you can hurt her more that she hurt you. Remember that to love doesn’t mean you have to bear the pain of getting hurt repeatedly.

Look back and see how far you’ve gone. It ain’t that far, right? Be the kid that you are, but behave like a man.

****This is an open letter (and unsolicited advice) to the one person who’s going through some tough times in his life as a teen. Please share if you think it can help enlighten someone else’s perspective.

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