The Cebu Trip and the Cobra IronMan 70.3 Philippines Experience Part 2

Day 3.

It’s a Saturday. And it was a good morning to wake up to. But I got out of bed late. I had to hasten up so I won’t get caught in the weekend traffic going to Shangri – La for the Alaska IronKids Triathlon. I also had to skip the Saffron Café breakfast.

On my way to the beachfront, the bike check in area was busy. The young champs, accompanied by their parents were all getting ready for the race. In one corner, a coach was giving his last minute instructions. The swim start area was even busier. I chanced up Noelle de Guzman, who despite her status as a triathlete (she was racing the following day in the 70.3 Ironman), volunteered to do marshal duties.

Minutes before the Wave 1 gun start, I went through the bike course. The route was pretty technical with a sharp turn and some minor elevation. At the start of the race, there was an overcast which was an advantage to the racers. However, roughly three quarters of an hour after the gun start, big droplets of rain started to pour in. In no time, there was already a heavy downpour coupled with strong winds. I ran to the nearest tent and as the rain poured, some participants in the run course still continued to complete the race. I’ve seen at least a couple of them who braved the ruthless weather that morning. When I got the opportunity to sneak out of the tent, I ran up to the hotel entrance and proceeded to the Media Center. Due to the inclement weather, the organiser officially cancelled the Wave 2 of the race. The rain went on for at least two hours.

Ironically, just before noon, the sun shone its brightest. Everything was back to normal. There was not a single trace of a raindrop. The participants of the Alaska Ironkids Triathlon started to gather up at the Media Center, where the awarding ceremony was held. It was a morning of victory for the young triathletes as they received recognition for a job well done. I would say that even those who didn’t win still deserve a really good pat on the back for making it to the finish line. As Race Director Ani de Leon-Brown said, “the future is bright for the triathlon in the Philippines because of the Ironkids.” True enough, because those young champs are a testimony to what an IronKid is, no matter what it takes, cross the finish line.

Lounging in a Kenneth Cobonpue creation at BE Hotel In the Photo (left to right): Nadine, Yam, Raffy, myself and Rone

Lounging in a Kenneth Cobonpue creation at BE Hotel.
In the Photo (left to right): Nadine, Yam, Raffy, myself and Rone

It was a quite a busy morning. By noon, along with media group, we took our lunch at Dimsum Break at the Park Mall. The morning activities got me drained that I had a little more than enough for lunch. But I ain’t complaing. J Back to the race venue, I spent the rest of the afternoon at the Expo Center, and attended another press conference.

Wrapping up the day’s events, we proceeded to Be Hotel as we wait for the other media personalities to join us for dinner. Unfortunately, another heavy rain fell. The weather got us tied up at Be Hotel lobby. Yam, Nadine, Rone, Raffy and I cozily occupied one of those Kenneth Cobonpue furnitures at the hotel lobby lounge as we sip our coffee. We decided to have our dinner at Be Hotel café instead. It was a blessing in disguise because I came across the Filipino Elite triathlete John Leerams Chicano. That night, I was supposed to move to Be Hotel, but having another option, I chose to stay at Crimson Resort.


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