The Cebu Trip and the Cobra IronMan 70.3 Philippines Experience Part 1

Day 1.

At the Crimson Resort & Spa

At the Crimson Resort & Spa

From the airport, we stopped by the Starbucks along Airport Rd. for breakfast. By mid – morning, we proceeded to Laguna Garden Café for the local media briefing. While the staff was preparing the venue, we took the 11am buffet lunch. The afternoon’s itinerary was not so full yet, a bit relaxed. We proceeded to the Media Center at Shangri – La Mactan. At the race venue, I checked the already busy Expo Center. Triathletes had their bikes done, some were taking their free time to shop for IronMan and sports stuff.  We had a nice dinner, and feeling the need to rest, we proceed to Crimson Resort and Spa for the evening’s accommodation.

Getting off the van, the staff of the resort helped us in unloading our bags, and loading them onto a waiting golf cart that took us to our villa. At long last, I could take off my shoes and get into my boxers. I freshened up, brushed my teeth, put on a singlet and slid into the cozy bed for a goodnight’s sleep.

Day 2.

I woke up around 5 in the morning as planned. I put on my running clothes and did a 30 – minute easy run around the cemented path walks around the resort, plus a few uphill sprint repeats. I felt the need to workout because it’s been more than two days since my last workout, and the food the day before felt like filled me so much. I need to burn some calories. At half past five in the morning, the sun was just about to rise, the sky in gray and orange hues, the breeze was a little humid. I wasn’t surprised to run into at least three people who were jogging around the place. The resort looked like it was made for health – conscious individuals.

Photos (from left): 1. Crimson Resort Luggage Tag; 2. Breakfast at Saffron Café; 3. Crimson Resort Souvenir Shop

Photos (from left): 1. Crimson Resort Luggage Tag; 2. Breakfast at Saffron Café; 3. Crimson Resort Souvenir Shop

That 3o – minute workout was good enough to jumpstart my day. After taking a bath, we had our breakfast at Saffron Café, where a sumptuous breakfast buffet was being served. I had a bowl of cereal, two glasses of milk, egg omelet, stir fried veggies, fish fillet and mixed fruits.

Meet the Pros Press Conference

I spent the most part of the day at the race venue, Shangri – La Mactan. If I don’t hang around the Media Center, I was just at the Expo Center. The Expo Center was always busy. It was teeming with more triathletes, media people and non – participants by the hour. The day’s schedule included attending a press conference for the Alaska IronKids, and Meet the Pros press launch.

It was only Friday and the race wasn’t starting until Sunday, but the hype was all over the place, especially at the Meet the Pros press conference. First, Jemma Rix, an Australian singer, a stage actress, and the better half of professional triathlete Josh Rix, was the opening act with her outstanding performance of Titanium. The hype crept up when of The Black Eyed Peas performed the hit singles Bebot and Where is the Love. Everyone was singing along. The crowd was amazing! Cameras kept flashing. Practically, everyone had their camera phones taking photos and videos. It was wild!

Whilst at the Expo Centre, I bumped into the pretty Noelle de Guzman, aka Kikay Runner, my friends Honey and Rey, Doc Minnie Tomas, Miko and Doc Toto, and the Riveras – Jonah, Jane and Isabelle. I had the opportunity to have my photo taken with professional triathletes like Belinda Granger, Jacqui Slack and Ben Allen, Chris “Macca” McCormack, Pete Jacobs, and Caroline Steffen. I was on a #fanmode. I can’t let the rare chance pass me by. And I’m quite certain that you all will agree with me on that.

We capped the night with a dinner at Krua Thai restaurant. We then boarded the van to take us to Crimson Resort.


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