Visiting Cebu

Mactan International Airport as seen from the plane.

Mactan International Airport as seen from the plane.

I was overjoyed, excited, and anxious when I heard the news that I’ll be travelling back to Cebu for IronMan 70.3 Philippines. How fast time flies, and it’s already been a year! PAL round trip tickets are ready. A day before the scheduled flight, I got my stuff ready for the four – day trip. 

Coming off from work at 4am on August 1, I hurried home to pack my things that I have already prepared before leaving for the office, which included of course, two sets of running clothes. What else?

It took me about 10 minutes or so before I got a cab. And that was already past 5 in the morning, and I’m coming from Pasig. It’s going to be at least a half hour before I reach Terminal 2. I calculated I should be at the airport by 5:30am, at the latest. Just in time to check in for my 6:45am flight. But I have been wrong. Passing through McKinley Hill, I got caught in the red light twice. Ugh! NAIA Road was killing me. Road work was going on which triggered the traffic build up. The Team I was going to Cebu with was already at the check in counter, and they were trying to check me in, just in case. In no time, counters will be closed, and worst may happen – I can’t take that flight any longer. I could only wish I was in a Fast and Furious movie that time. Probably, if I didn’t have a heavy travelling bag and just a backpack with me, I could’ve run the last 2 kilometers in less than 10 minutes! I had to stretch my patience, but I was already fidgeting on my seat, cursing at some cars that would cut across the cab’s lane. While in the cab, I already paid my fare, giving the cabbie driver an extra for driving a little fast than I expected. A few meters from the drop off point, I got off the cab with 10 kilo travelling bag and backpack in tow. I had literally no time to take some deep breaths as I hastened to the check – in counter where my colleagues were waiting on queue. 

Seeing them was a big relief. I even got more relieved when I learned that they were only able to check me in, and that they were still waiting to be accommodated. Simply, we got bumped off. Luckily, some passengers gave way (and received a free round trip ticket to any Philippine destination). All checked in! And so we’re boarding. We’re coming to Cebu! 

Smooth ride, it was. In roughly an hour, we landed at Mactan International Airport. On our way to pick our bags, we were welcomed by a group of ushers who handed us those nice handcrafted trinkets that we wear around our neck, which says “Welcome to Cebu.”


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