Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

I would say that I was quite a late bloomer when it comes to secular music. If you haven’t read my previous personal blogs, I grew up with a religiously conservative family. My cousins and I weren’t that much oriented to various musical genre. When I moved to live and work in the city, I was somehow culture – shocked. I felt like I was at least a decade behind! And there was so much catching up to do. Nonetheless, I made friends with people from practically across almost all social statuses. Soon, my musicality evolved. Thanks to my friends and neighbors who contributed to my musical influences – from 70’s, 80’s and to the current and pop music.

One of my really good friends, Kuya Bench, has influenced me into the music of David Gates and the Bread, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, etc. It’s been years, and we lost contact, but his influence on me lingered. And so, when I left the country for musical gigs, I had the opportunity to shop for CDs of my favorite singers and bands. I got myself a repackaged edition of the greatest hits album Cross Road. I could listen to the whole list of tracks repeatedly and won’t even get tired of, especially when I’m cleaning the house. One of the tracks that I have always loved to listen, and can pretty much relate to, is this song – Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night.

Hey, man I’m alive I’m takin’ each day and night at a time
I’m feelin’ like a Monday but someday I’ll be Saturday night.

Hey, my name is Jim, where did I go wrong
My life’s a bargain basement, all the good shit’s gone
I just can’t hold a job, where do I belong
I’m sleeping in my car, my dreams move on.

My name is Billy Jean, my love was bought and sold
I’m only sixteen, I feel a hundred years old
My foster daddy went, took my innocence away
The street life aint much better, but at least I get paid.

And Tuesday just might go my way
It can’t get worse than yesterday
Thursdays, Fridays ain’t been kind
But somehow I’ll survive.

Hey man I’m alive I’m takin’ each day and night at a time
Yeah I’m down, but I know I’ll get by
Hey hey hey hey, man gotta live my life
Like I ain’t got nothin’ but this roll of the dice
I’m feelin’ like a Monday, but someday I’ll be Saturday night

Now I can’t say my name, and tell you where I am
I want to roll myself away, don’t know if I can
I wish that I could be in some other time and place
With someone elses soul, someone elses face

Saturday night here we go
Some day I’ll be Saturday night
I’ll be back on my feet, I’ll be doin’ alright
It may not be tomorrow baby, that’s OK
I ain’t goin’ down, gonna find a way, hey hey hey

I’m feelin’ like a Monday, but someday I’ll be Saturday night
Saturday night, all right, all right
Saturday night…


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