The Run United Trilogy 2013

Runrio, Inc. has finally released the teaser for the 2013 Runrio Trilogy – The Run United Series.  In 2012, Run United came out with four races: Run United 1, 2, 3 and the Philippine Marathon, with the longest distance of 21k in both Legs 1 and 2, 32k for Leg 3, and 42k for RUPM.

Photo Credit: Runrio, Inc.

Photo Credit: Runrio, Inc.

This year, with the inclusion of the Philippine Marathon in the series, the longest distance for each leg are: RU1 – 21k, RU2 (known as the Afroman Challenge): 32k, and RUPM: 42k. That being said, registration dates and race dates have already been released as early as now to give the runners ample time to plan their weekend races ahead of time.

Now that the race schedules and registration fees have been made public, I won’t be surprised if various reactions would surface stemming out from the not-so-practical registration fees involved in the Run United series. If you have been a participant of these races in the past, you would say that the experience you have had is worth the money you paid. You may not agree with me, but on a personal note, that’s how I looked at it.

Bottomline is, running as a lifestyle should not compromise your budget. If you think paying for the such fees would jeopardize your well-earned savings, then by all means, you can choose not to join. You can always take running on your own without shelling out some cash off your pocket. Here are the information that you need to know as early as now:

Registration Fees and Racekit Inclusions:

Photo Credit: Runrio, Inc.

Photo Credit: Runrio, Inc.

Where to Register:

Photo Credit: Runrio, Inc.

Photo Credit: Runrio, Inc.

2013 Run United Series Finisher’s Medal:

Each of the 2013 Run United Medal Series Finisher’s medal is unique and will form part of the 3-piece Run United Series Medal. Just register and finish the 21 – 21 – 21 or 21 – 32 – 42 race category in each of the three legs, this is what you’ll get:

Photo Credit: Runrio, Inc.

Photo Credit: Runrio, Inc.

RU1: Blue Medal
RU2: Red Medal (32k & 21k)
RU3: Silver Medal (42k & 21k)


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