Life’s a Journey on a Bridge

The BridgeA cold breeze touched my face as I stepped out of the office building. It’s only January, but it feels like Christmas. But my life in retrospect, it feels like autumn. When all the leaves have withered, and streets are deserted. The wind brings a gloomy feeling. The sun never rises. All I can see is the darkening evening sky.

I hope to awaken to see the world all bright and full of vibrance; when the winter snow had melted away. And the joys of spring coming back to life. The morning dew collected at every green strand of the grass. Waiting for the summer sun to warm the earth.

I’m almost done crossing the bridge. It’s been quite a long journey. Crossing the bridge, that is. There was a time when I looked back, I just wanted to turn around and go back to where I was before. I was afraid to get to the other side because I don’t know what’s in store for me. I just wanted to stay where I was. Looking far ahead, I know there’s so much to discover, so many things to be thankful for, and many adventures to live through. There’ll be tears at some point, but I am certain there’ll be even more laughters to share with.

I straightened my coat’s collar, shoved my hands into the front pockets, and went my way through the hanging bridge. The drizzle had already started to trickle in. The afternoon sun drifted behind the clouds. Looking down, the water was flowing fast with so much ease. At times, creating an eddy when it crashes into the rocks. Then whirls itself for yet another journey.

This journey has never been an easy one. Bluntly, it was tough, difficult and painful. I know I’ll get to where I should be, where life can be more fun and enduring.

But for now, every single step I make will take me off this bridge, onto the solid ground. It may be nighttime when I get there. I’m hoping that the morning wakes me up with hope, understanding, and so much love.

My journey has already started. Right now, I’m passing through The Bridge.


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