On Making the Right Choices

The choices we make help us build who we are. In our life, we inevitably make wrong choices. These choices teach us valuable lessons that we can learn from to make better ones. But somehow, there are instances that no matter how hard we try to avoid committing mistakes, we found ourselves standing on the same spot the last time we made the very same mistake. 

We would ask ourselves “Will this one bring me the kind of happiness that I long for?”. “If so, should I go for it?”. “But what if it doesn’t? Am I prepared to face its repercussions?” And even if we did our best to turn away from it, we hardly had the courage to resist it. Because we know it’s the kind of mistake that one way or another, would make us feel complete, the kind of mistake that would give us the feeling of contentment. Despite of all its downsides. 

Soon, we got ourselves tangled in a relationship that, with all its flaws and imperfections, we found fulfilling. Our world seems to revolve around the person we love. Being in a relationship with her, it doesn’t give us the liberty to check on her every minute or every hour of the day. There will be times when we can hardly call or send a text message to each other because of the things that we do, most especially if you both are working. And to add up to that, working on different hours. And to further complicate the matter, the person you are in love with has already been through a relationship. And that relationship produced a cute little offspring. Of course, you can’t take away the fact that at anytime, the person responsible for it would come visit the baby, and that would also mean seeing her ex. This part is way tough, especially if you really are in love with the girl. Thinking about it could crush your heart to bits and pieces. However, we should accept the reality that that’s how it works. And there seems to be no way of working around that. All we can do is ACCEPT it. 

Acceptance is the key to being at peace with ourselves. We just need to accept the fact that there are things we can’t change. 

Being an emotional person, I find it pretty hard to let go of my feelings. And as much as possible, I try to avoid being emotionally attached to the person I like, not until I’m so sure about my feelings. Because when the time comes that things don’t work out for both of us, it won’t be difficult for me to move on. It’s never easy to just forget the past, especially if that past brought me so much happiness. 

Did I make the right choice for letting myself fall for you? Yes. And No. Falling for you was both the right and the wrong choice I’ve made in my life. It was a right choice because for whatever reasons, you made me happy. You made me feel special. You were my sweet little baby. We’ve spent really good times together, and hoped that those good times won’t end. The mere thought of you gives me very good reasons to keep on despite of all the difficulties in life. Just hearing your voice and knowing that you are doing well relieves all the stress in me. The world around me is simply full of colors. 

Falling for you may have been a not so good choice because it’s the very same relationship that put me through one of the toughest times of life. I’m facing through some difficult times, trying to get over my feelings for you and move on. I’ve spent my waking hours thinking about you. And not knowing how you are simply made me crazy. Letting go is a hard decision to make, but I have to. Because we both know we won’t be making sweet music together for the rest of our lives. But I think we can be better off as friends. And me not being deeply emotionally attached. This way, it would be easy for me to accept things. Getting over my feelings and healing would take sometime. And I’m really looking forward to that day. The day that I won’t fall for you anymore. 

Sometimes, we missed the good things and the happy times because we made the right decisions, the right choices. Should we feel any regret for making the right choice and missing the good things? If that would mean not getting hurt in the process, yes, there’s really no need to feel bad about making such choice. Be the right person. And wait for the right one to come at the right time. 

Our choices could either make us or break us. It’s our call.

*Disclaimer: This written material is based purely on the author’s personal point of view. This does not in anyway, refer to person/s who maybe in the same situation.

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