Packed Up and Ready to Move On.

Photo Credit: www.dailybibleplan.comCaption: SuPLaDoNG RuNNeR

Photo Credit:
Caption: RuNNiNG SuPLaDo

Still feeling all too mashed up, I ran from the office going home. I left the office half past 7 in the morning running alongside a myriad of cars along C5 Road. As if running 8 kilometres for roughly three quarters of an hour wasn’t enough, I continued cleaning up my space. The bathroom and the sink were already squeaky clean.

After taking bath, I grabbed my guitar to get on with some lessons that I have left. It may have been just a mere coincidence but the first song that I needed to learn was the song I Miss You Like Crazy by The Moffatts. It was weird. All the while I was thinking about you and yeah, missing you, here I am, trying to learn to play the song on my guitar. Exhausted, I went to sleep, without any bad feelings left. It may have just hidden somewhere, because I know it comes alive the moment I wake up.

Sitting on my desk slaving in front of a dual monitor PC, I was trying to cope with the current state of my emotions. I’m still feeling bruised, while the piped in music playing in the background seemed to know exactly the kind of emotion that I am currently in. I feel sad and devastated. And I’m trying to pick up the broken pieces of my emotions; cope up, move on and get ready for a new phase in my life.

Hearing from you and knowing that you are all good is more than enough for me to feel better. At the very least, I know you’re okay. I am happy. Just don’t make me feel so special. And don’t be so sweet. I might fall for you again.

Enough of these mushy feelings. I can move on. Finally. But I think I’m not yet ready for another relationship. I’m just happy with the way things have turned out. Now, I think I will be able to smile a happy smile and laugh a hearty laugh.

I know that I have been unfair to the one person in my life for these sudden crazy changes. I’m so sorry.


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