Don’t Turn Me Away. Don’t Tell Me To Go.

I guess I may have over reacted to the idea that you have not been answering my phone calls and replying to my messages. Nothing has changed much, in fact. That’s the way it has been before. I would like to think that you’re not really saying goodbye. I just hope I am right about it. For the past 12 months or so, we even barely communicated and it wasn’t a biggie for me. So I don’t think not hearing from you very often would matter that much. Perhaps, I’m just becoming a little possessive. I’m aware that at any point, I am not in the position to feel that way. I’m just this poor guy who fell in love with you. At the wrong time. Or, I may have fallen for the wrong person? 

We’ve known each other for a little more than three years, and there were quite a few things that we have in common. Having a strawberry banana blizzard at DQ Farmer’s was never the same again since you came into my life. And I know how you loved to sing. Spending afternoons with you at Gateway took me away from the hustle and bustle of school and work. Just looking at your face was more than refreshing. You are the one good reason why I always strive hard to come to school despite feeling low and not getting enough sleep. Thanks for the push whenever I lag behind. 

I remember when we were outside a shop in Gateway and the sun was on our faces. The afternoon wind was blowing our hair. How you fixed the stray hair off my face was a sweet little thing. How I wanted to hug you that time. 

I remember when I first called you ‘baby’. I made it sound like a joke. But I really meant to call you baby. I was expecting that you would laugh at it or think of it as a funny thing. But you didn’t. That was despite the fact that I already knew you had a daughter. 

I don’t know what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling right now. What I feel for you may no longer be the same as time goes by, but one thing is sure, you will always have a space in my heart.

All I’m asking from you is just let me love you. Don’t turn me away. Don’t tell me to go.


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