There I was waiting for a chance
Hoping that you’ll understand the things I wanna say
As my love went stronger than before
I wanna see you more and more
I won’t take so much of your time.
Maybe it’s wrong to say please love me, too
Coz I know you’ll never do.
Somebody else is waiting there inside for you.
Maybe it’s wrong to love you more each day
But my love is strong.
 I know that this is wrong
And I know to whom you should belong.


A little over three years ago, when I first set my eyes on you, I knew right there and then that I liked you. But at that time, I was going out with someone so my affection for you took a backseat. When I have gotten over my feelings, you came at the right time. 

Though we didn’t get to meet everyday, I was always looking forward to that day that I would see you.  You’re one of the few people who were nice to me, even busted out those who mocked me. Sharing a few things in common made us closer being friends. 

One afternoon we went to this store in Gateway. The sun was on our faces and the afternoon wind was blowing our hair.I remember how I felt when you fixed the stray hair on my face.You were a sweetheart.  And those DQ times that we had at Farmer’s. We had a great time together singing for hours at Timezone – Gateway. 

I left and for a time we lost contact. Months passed and we barely communicated. Still I was hoping that one day we cross paths. We haven’t seen each other for roughly a year. And during that time, we didn’t talk much. I missed greeting you on your birthday. I missed eating DQ and spending the afternoons at Timezone with you. We seldom sent each other text messages, and whenever we do, they were only how are you’s, hi’s and hello’s. There were times when I could reply to your messages a day or two after I received them. And sometimes, I can’t even reply to your messages. Soon, I learned you had baby. I admit that I felt bad, I felt jealous. There’s nothing I could do. All I could say then was ‘Congratulations!’. I know how much you love your little angel. 

You’ve sent me a couple of text messages. One was telling you already got home. The second one came in two days after telling me you’re fine. And that you were a little busy. 

Not hearing from you all these times was killing me. And how it hurts. Does your silence mean saying goodbye? But how can I say goodbye to the two good years I had with you? We used to talk about the happy times we were together; how we enjoyed each other’s company. How can I just forget the wonderful memories I shared with you? 

I went out for a long run to sort out my feelings. And while I was running through the not – so – familiar route, my chest felt like exploding. I want to scream. Running through the killer uphills gave me some relief. Right now, I’m all black and blue. Time will heal this bruised and broken heart.I just don’t how long it will take but I know I will feel better again. Soon. 

I know you can take care of yourself. I hope you could still be there. I hope you won’t say goodbye. I’ve already lost you. And I don’t want to lose you again. 

Did something change? All I know is that my affection for you became even stronger. I can’t help myself but love you even more. I know that this is wrong and I know to whom you should belong.

‘Nyetang pag – ibig to!


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