I Recycled, Fed and Ran

Photo Credit: HyperSports Philippines

HyperSports Philippines, in association with Tetra Pak, launched a racing event called The Tetra Pak RFR 2012, that helped disseminate information on the importance of recycling and how it can help the environment; an event that allowed us to share our blessings to the underprivileged; an event that would put together runners to bond, socialize, to be challenged, and to have fun. 

To start off, I would like to say that it was another a milestone for me because it was an event where I did my first official pacer duty. It wasn’t an easy task, but not difficult either. That sounds conflicting, isn’t it? The key there is to be prepared. Think of the person you’re pacing as yourself. Think of yourself how was it when you started to join fun runs. Then make a clone of yourself to be the pacer. Karen debuted in her first 21k run with was a Sub – 3 finish!

Tetra Pak RFR wasn’t just an event where you picked your finisher’s kit after crossing the finish line or criticize the organizers for your dissatisfaction. Positively, it was an opportunity for the HyperSports Team to be more aggressive and see what more they can do to stage better racing events in the future.Moreover, it was an event where runners paid something back to their fellow runners. They marshaled the routes, handed the hydration cups and manned the booths. 

On a deeper note, have you reflected on the important message that the event wanted to convey? 

Environment has become one of the major concerns of both the government and non – governmental organization, not only here in the Philippines but globally. The recent events took us to one big reality that so much damage has been done to the environment. Massive floodings have been experienced which resulted to loss of livelihood, damage to properties and loss of lives. One may think what went wrong? Here in the metro, the moment you step out into the streets, what do you see? Aside from the building up of traffic along the major routes, there’s also a build up of trash and waste materials. Despite the efforts of the government to collect these on a daily basis, there’s just no end to it. Rather, they keep on building up some more. It is in this sense that each one of us do our part in helping clean up the environment. 

How can we help? RECYCLE. 

Having volunteered to take part in many outreach programs conducted by the ABS – CBN Foundation Volunteers (AFV, now called SagipKapamilya) in densely populated areas and orphanages exposed me to see how life can be so tough, especially for the children. Children who didn’t choose the kind of life they are in.A big percentage of undernourished children came from these areas. 

Individually, we may not have the capability to put up a feeding program in one of those areas or in orphanages, but, collectively, we can do our share of giving back to the community. I’m certain that you still remember that you had to bring empty Tetra Pak cartons when you registered for the run, don’t you? Those empty cartons were recycled, and the total number of cartons collected was matched by Tetra Pak Corporation with the same number of ready to drink milk which was donated to a children’s charity. 

You see, we just helped FED some kids! 

Photo Credit: HyperSports Philippines

Just like my mantra, we all want to ‘Get Fit and Stay Fit’, and ‘Live a healthy a lifestyle.’ Anyone can resort to any form of physical activity to achieve this like playing basketball, football, going to the gym, or simply, by running. I’ve been into running for a year and eight months, and I’ve heard and seen many inspiring experiences from fellow runners. Take the case of my friend Reese, the first time I met her, she was literally heavy. Her perseverance, determination and hardwork helped her shed off more pounds than she ever imagined. I’ve seen her transformation from being fat to FIT. 

That’s what RUNning can do. 

On a final note, Thanks to HyperSports Team for another great event. The medal was one of a kind. Very unique. No race is perfect. And these imperfections make every race a challenge for both the organizers and the racers. These flaws make us become more flexible, push us to train well and to train more. Yes, there maybe a handful of dissatisfied participants. But surely and most importantly, I’ve seen a lot of happy faces from runners. 

Now tell me, who says one can’t do three things at one single time?At Tetra Pak RFR, I just did that.I Recycled, Fed and Ran.

For official results, please click HERE.


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