A Year That Was.

It’s been another year and I’m ready to turn a new page in my life, ready to face the new challenges the come in my way.

My life ain’t perfect. Sometimes, the flaws become so apparent and I’m honest enough to admit that I am vulnerable to making mistakes, just like any other person. Yet, I could say that I have enough courage to make things right, and do things right. Imperfections make a bit of a challenge and they’ve helped me become a better person, a much refined person. They became an eye – opener for me to really discover new things and know the people I deal with practically almost every day. 

Friendships have fallen out. I felt bad, but I have no regrets about it. In fact, I considered it a blessing in disguise that I have known the kind of persons they were at the soonest possible time. Though somehow, I wished it didn’t happen. Losing them and the friendship wasn’t the end of everything. There’s a lot of better things to look forward to in this life. In our lifetime, it’s not important to have many friends. We may have just a handful of friends, but what’s more important is that, they are sincere and true friends. 

This birthday wasn’t really a happy one. Days before my birthday, my cousin informed me that my uncle passed away. And it took me like one day for it to sink in into my consciousness. I couldn’t think well. I didn’t know what to say. Cliché as it is, life has to go on. 

I have had some failures. But those failures taught me valuable lessons and prepared me for future endeavors.

On the flipside, there are too many things to be grateful for. God has always been generous and has given me countless blessings. I may not have gotten what I wanted, but for sure, God had given me what I deserved. 

I have friends who stayed all along. Friendship is not about loyalty. It’s about sincerity, acceptance and being able to compromise for the mutual good. All these years, I have a circle of really good friends who, I may not hear from or talk with for a long while, but I know that they are just hanging around – ready to listen whenever I need to talk. My affiliations with many running groups have even become stronger. I bonded even more with my family, cousins and close relations. 

Good opportunities came along. I met new people whom I made affiliations with. I have made some achievements that have become significant milestones in different aspects of my life. I have completed my first ultra trail run; did some hosting and conducted some running clinics. I have done some out of town commitments that paved the way for me to realize a long dream of becoming a writer. Slowly, I have started to tick off the things in my to – do list. I came to realize that it’s okay to dream big dreams. One way or another, with prayer, hardwork, determination and right affiliations, those dreams might just become a reality. 

As a I turn a new page, I’m hoping that life would be more exciting, adventurous and fun – filled. Join me in my endeavors and adventures. I may not be a perfect friend, but I’ll do my best to create a memorable experience. 

I would like to thank all of you for a great year that was. And I’m looking forward for more years of with you all. 

Thank you for all your birthday greetings and well wishes. I greatly appreciate ’em all.

Thank You, Lord for the amazing people in my life, for the challenging yet fun – filled experiences, and for the valuable lessons that I have learned from those experiences. There may have been scarcity at times, yet, You have always set aside abundant blessings for me. Thank You for my family and friends. Thank You for the gift of music and the gift of friendship. Thank You for keeping me safe in Your arms. Thank You for this life.

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