The Red Carpet Finish

Photo Credit: KiT Elma Photography

I thought I would never make it to the Run United Philippine Marathon debut. I got my 42k race kit during the last of registration, October 26th.

I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much from this race, except ample hydration, marshals who do their job, the usual finisher’s shirt and a medal; meeting my friends at the at start/finish line and on the road, seeing my friend Kookai at the finish line, who’s running her first 10k, and to finish the race injury free and to have fun. When my friends asked me what’s my target time, I would just answer them with ‘fun’. Well, that’s how I look at it – finish every race with fun. On my way to the start line, I met all the ‘usual suspects’ from HyperSports, A Runner’s Circle, PinoyFitness, and other running groups, wished each other goodluck and had our photos taken.

While waiting for the 3am gunstart, more of the ‘usual suspects’ from the Wednesday Group of Runners showed up. More goodlucks were exchanged. As soon as 42k runners had set off, guess what, some more ‘usual suspects’ came into view – my Ok Ok Runners Family! I even had a fun time running alongside with them.

One remarkable thing about the race route is that, RunRio utilized the C-5 Road behind Market! Market! going towards the Heritage Park. Reaching the 33rd kilometre mark, I chanced upon Alex of Climb Against Cancer Family. After making the U – turn at Kilometer Zero, I met Thanatos who paced me for about two kilometres or so. Though I was already having muscle cramps, I kept on with our pace. Having someone to run with you in critical times was a great relief.

We came across at least two hydration stations along Roxas Blvd. that have run out of water. Literally. Then I spotted a cart selling coconut water. I bought one, which got me through until I reached a hydration station near Aliw Theatre.

We are all aware that hydration is something that RunRio is really good at. But this time, I don’t know what happened. Why have they run out of water? In my opinion, those stations were critical points of the race route. On the flipside, I’m giving Coach Rio a thumbs up for being hands on in this race, that this was taken care of sooner than I have expected. And I would like to believe that RunRio saw this as an area of opportunity to further improve their races.

One running group, Snail Runners Alabang also did their own share by giving salt to the runners. I would like to commend the couple and their son who were offering the runners some cracklings and gummy candies. It wasn’t that grand, but it was good enough to help fuel up a runner. I didn’t have the chance to ask for their names, though. 😦

Running past the 40 kilometre mark, I never felt anxious. I never felt so tired either. After making three turns, I know that I’m almost there. I’ve already run over 41 kilometres. Then there were the photographers. So, I had to flash a smile to compensate their efforts for enduring the morning temperature that has already started to creep up. Down the curve, I got a shot of energy when Shan, Joanne, JC, Amor and other friends called out my name giving me the boost that I needed. A few metres ahead, Mish was cheering out loud and pointing at her watch telling me not to hit 4:31. The time on the race clock was 4:30. And there’s a lady in yellow shirt, who I think doesn’t know me at all, but was shouting her lungs out for me.

Seconds later, I was running through the red carpet holding a Philippine flag and crossing the finish line.

RUPM 42k Official Time: 04:29:28

It was a GREAT Red Carpet finish! Even made greater by my FRIENDS who stood waiting at the finish line, screaming out loud and cheering for me.

Special THANK YOU to Kookai Alejo! 🙂

Many THANKS to: Ok Ok Runners, HyperSports Philippines, Inc., HyperSports Reserved Energy B&G, The Wednesday Group of Runners, A Runner’s Circle, PinoyFitness, Team USB, Snail Runners Alabang,, Sir Boy Ramos who made that finish extra special, Victor ‘The Flying V’ Cruz for giving me that HyperSports Finish, Unilab for the special 42k finish (they handed me a towel right after crossing the finish line, as another usher handed me the medal. It was heavy that I could feel it was really there. Ahahah!), and to all anonymous individuals.

Big THANK YOU to: Shan, Joanne, JC, and Mish for the push and the cheers!

Thanks everyone, and to the lady in yellow shirt, who, despite not knowing me, still screamed her lungs out.

Thanks to Running Photographers, and to all the photographers!

Two thumbs up to RunRio!

Congratulations to all the finishers!

*Click HERE for Official RUPM Race Results.
  For any race concerns, please shoot an email to:


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