Light at the End of the Tunnel

My aunt decided to move to a new place somewhere in Camarin.  The decision came when she was able to get rights for a piece of land in a subdivision in Camarin, Caloocan. She didn’t have any second thoughts about moving because the house we were renting in Malabon was always submerged in the flood. And the rent was becoming a little expensive. 

We have transferred almost everything we have from the old house to the new house, except for the bed and the few little things. Since we were just starting to build the new house and we didn’t know that many neighbors, life was never easy. I had to adjust to the new environment. Everyday, when the sun goes down, it felt all my hope was gone. I could cry in the silence of the night, wishing that it’s already morning, and that some kind of miracle comes in to change everything. At night, I would pray to God for some help to come. I don’t want to be a burden to my aunt. But living there was the only choice I had that time. 

One day, I got sick with fever. The rain added drama to the already gloomy day. I asked my aunt if I could go back to the old house, since we still have some our things there. With a few clothes packed, I braved the rain and the heavy winds just to get to Malabon. When I reached Malinta, I only had 40 pesos in my pocket, and an empty stomach.  To be able to save the few pesos from what I had, I walked for about a kilometer and half, through the murky water-flooded street, just to get to the house. I was drenched and soaked. I was shivering from too much exposure to the rain and the cold. I endured the cold and chills just to get home. There was no food at house since we haven’t been there for at least a week. Still feeling cold with fever, I bought a pack of instant noodles from a nearby convenient store. It was enough to get me through the night. 

I couldn’t recall if it was the following day when I called Ate Vangie. But I remember calling her. The person I spoke with at her house informed me that she was in Robinson’s Place Manila. So I proceeded there. At that time, I didn’t have a mobile phone, so it was really difficult for me to reach her. My friend, Benny, who was working in a shop in Robinson’s Place helped me to contact her. I was able to find her having lunch at Barrio Fiesta in Pedro Gil. She loaned me a one thousand pesos. About a week after, in one of our conversations, she asked me to go to her place in Las Piñas. I stayed at her place while I was preparing for the skills testing at TESDA and waiting for a confirmation of my employment as a Performing Artist in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.


One Response to Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. My dear Supladong Irish Runner i know god is always there to help,protect and save us, no matter what how difficult it is he provide always a constant way to connect a person to help us in a small and comfortable way thats why god is good all the time…goodluck and godbless for your new path and hug and Mwhaaaaaa my dear kabayan…


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