Life Within the Four Corners of the Hospital Room

October 11, Thursday
I woke up in the afternoon feeling cold and chilling.  I know that a fever has already set in. I informed my classmates that I won’t be able to come to class due to a high fever. I sent another SMS to the school registrar the same.  I got myself ready, took a cab and proceeded to The Medical City Emergency Room (outpatient).

I got off the cab alone. The guard at the emergency room asked me, “Who’s the patient?” I told him I’m the patient. He led me to one of the cubicles where they nurse had to take your vitals and your information.  My temperature was 38.6. After which I stayed at the patients’ waiting area. When my name was called, the doctor did the routine check and requested for a CBC.  The doctor advised me to get some rest. So I laid down in one of the hospital bed while waiting for the medical technologist to do the blood extraction procedure.  The nurse came and handed me a paracetamol. Minutes later, the medtech came for the blood extraction. After approximately an hour later, I was sent home with a list of prescription medicines to buy. It was a paracetamol and Hydroxyzine. 

October 12, Friday 
I went to the office to report for work since I was already feeling better. But the company nurse sent me home.  I was getting more rashes.  On my way home, I felt that the fever has gone back, so I asked the cab driver to take me to The Medical City again. My temperature was 38.5. They asked me to occupy one of the hospital beds. Another blood extraction for CBC, and urinalysis were done this time. While waiting, a dextrose was administered through an IV, and so was the paracetamol. Some two or three hours had passed. When the results came out, I was negative from dengue NS1 virus. After a while, I was allowed to go home. I proceeded to the counter to settle my bills.

All of the sudden, my vision turned dark, and everything around me. The last thing I remember was holding out the documents to the cashier.I didn’t know what happened next. I passed out in the hospital premises.  I became unconscious. And I don’t how long.  When I woke up, there were wires attached to my chest. An oxygen tube was inserted in my nostril. A machine was monitoring my heart. I could hear the beeping sound with every heartbeat.

I felt a pain in my head. When I moved my hand to touch it, a bottle of dextrose was hanging by the foot of the bed, the liquid dropping one after the other. An IV needle was inserted in a vein in my right arm. The top of my head was swelling. My right elbow hurt when I move my arm. The nurse gave me a couple of ice packs – one for my head and one for my elbow. The medical staff was asking if I have any relative.

I never felt so helpless until this time. I had no one to call on. At thistime, I have already sent an SMS to a couple of my cousins telling them of what happened. Soon, my cousin Ibod responded and he was on his way to the hospital.  Good thing, my friend JP, who is a resident nurse at the Emergen was on duty when I fell. He was about to leave for the night, but he stayed for another full shift when he learned that it was me. The doctors had to confine me. My cousin filled out the necessary documents for my confinement. I had to wait for an available room. 

October 13, Saturday
By morning, the attending physician came to check my condition. The nurse on duty gave me my third dose of the paracetamol administered through an IV. A machine was monitoring my blood pressure, and a gadget was clipped to my forefinger. My breathing was aided by an oxygen tube.

I was then moved to my room.  My cousin went home for a while. My other cousin, Aying, who was older than Ibod, arrived in the hospital. He was my companion until Ibod arrived.  A little past lunchtime, my friends – Ate Ruby Reyes, Mommy MalouBasilio and Leeleen Asuncion came to visit me. They left afterwards. Aying had to leave as well since he has to go home to Bulacan still.  Ibod was left to accompany me for the night. The doctors came and took turns to check on me, asking some routine questions. The nurses would come in to check my vitals and to give me the medicine. The fever was gone, but the rashes were very apparent. The itch was practically all over my legs, thighs back and arms. I was given the Iterax for the rashes. I was under observation.

For the longest time, I was never confined in a hospital, until this time. And I didn’t know what they were observing me for since I no longer had any fever. My cousin stayed at the hospital Saturday night. He left early Sunday morning to attend the Master Guide’s training. He was even reviewing at the hospital. The hospital served my meals 5 times a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, midmorning and midafternoon snacks. We called in for a food delivery at McDonald’s for our dinner.

October 14, Sunday
I was all alone.  The doctors had come in to check on me. Another nurse checked in for his shift. The non – medical staff had already come in to change the beddings, clean up the room and brought my food. I can move around now, despite the tube that was attached to my arm for.  I had nothing to do, except to recuperate. My friends were texting me. I was reading all the notifications that Facebook was sending through my mobile phone for the comments that my friends had posted on my status, extending their get well soon wishes.

By afternoon, after the final CBC result came out, I was finally discharged from the hospital.

The itch is still imminent, but the rashes are almost gone. The doctor advised me to rest for a few more days. Though I’m still recuperating, I’m feeling much better now. Thank you for all your prayers. Thank you, Lord for my family and friends.

I missed the Columbia Eco Trail Run! 😦

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