Dropped Like Hot Potatoes

As many of you have asked what happened and why, here’s my honest to goodness answer in line with an event that transpired in September.  I’m not writing this to gain sympathy from you but simply to answer your inquiries. As early as May, Coach Mherlz, Coach Bob and I have already blocked our September 1-2 weekend, in anticipation of the second leg of the event. Come August, I haven’t heard from the organizers, and I had this gut feeling that they may no longer need my/our services. Then, I was informed that we have a meeting with the organizers. Unfortunately, due to a sprained ankle, the meeting didn’t push through. A week after, we still haven’t heard from them. So, I sent several SMS asking for an update regarding the meeting. And there were even missed calls. Yet, I received no response.

A week before the event, I received an SMS informing me that they are not getting our services due to financial constraints, which I would understand. My only question was, why inform us a week before the event? Perhaps, out of courtesy, inform us at least two weeks, so we can make plans for that particular weekend. It was unfair because we have treated these people nicely, to the point of coming to their office for a scheduled meeting to discuss with them the matters related to their event. In short, at some point, we acted as consultants. Though, we did it because we want to help, because we want to share our knowledge related to racing events.

Having been informed of the cancellation just a week ahead, that didn’t give us time to make plans or register for any run that coming Sunday. Personally, it wasn’t a biggie since I’m not an elite runner. But save it for Coach Mherlz because she’s an elite runner. Utmost consideration should have been accorded to her. But despite all these, we maintained our silence. Questions were asked but I could only answer “due to conflicts”.

Strangely enough, I had already foreseen this event. But I didn’t mind it because it may have been just a personal hunch.  I never thought it’s going to happen. But it did happen. 

Sadly, we were dropped like hot potatoes. Just like that. What have we done to deserve this? All I wanted then was a little respect. Respect that we so deserved.

But like what they say, life has to go on. Move on. Get over it. And we did.

At the very least, we’ve learned one valuable lesson in life. Don’t put your trust on people whom you don’t know really well.


5 Responses to Dropped Like Hot Potatoes

  1. Yeah, that’s what I thought when we bump at gateway mall when you said you have other things to do. Now, I know dude. It happens when you least expect it bro! See you around!


  2. Noel says:

    that explains it.. 😦


  3. Don’t worry dear Supladong Irish Runner God has a better and better way for us..always believe in yourself no matter what happen lets move on and lets face the most challenging way “trust”God everything…..and dont forget helping others for what we’ve done like our advocacy in running laging nakatatak sa puso ng bawat mananakbo kung gaano tayo katoo….glory to God the highest to all and to mankind…<3<3<3


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