HyperSports Supports Lace Up Anika Run

Photo Credit: Raianne Kei Mata
Lace Up for Anika Run

Why do you run? Perhaps, this is the most frequently asked question that you’ve been asked the moment people learn you got into running. There are many reasons why we run. Some are for personal reasons, while others professional. Professional in the sense that one can make a living out of it, especially for those elite runners who would always make a podium finish in practically every race that they join in. And you will agree with me that every runner has his own personal reason why he runs. I could come up with top ten reason why people got into running. For one, we run for health reasons. We run to keep fit and stay fit. We run to socialize. Well, I guess this one is self explanatory. We run to challenge ourselves. And one thing I’d like to point out is, running is not only about getting fit and challenging ourselves. Or setting and beating a personal best.

But there’s more to that.

Running is Charity. It’s about giving back to the community. As we are all aware, there are runs organized for certain advocacies. If you can remember the Rescue Run (it was my first hosting assignment ever) on December 31, 2011? Despite the fact the everyone was busy preparing for the new year’s eve, still, a significant number of selfless individuals and different running groups showed up for the event. And considering that the organizers only had a month to prepare. Yet, it was a fun run in its real sense.

Running is Volunteerism.

Then there’s the Lace Up for Anika Run held on July 22, 2012 at Camp Aguinaldo. Bert dela Victoria, posted on HyperSports Reseverd Energy B&G page that HyperSports Philippines, Inc. is setting up a hydration station during the event, and volunteers are needed. In roughly a week, logistics, tasks and event day itinerary were finalized.

A day before the event, we had heavy rains that even Saturday classes in colleges were suspended (yehey!); moreso, other runs scheduled the following morning have already been cancelled. However, that did not stop the organizers from pushing through with the event. And that night, I had to take a couple of Bioflu tablets for my fever to subside. I was on my way to the venue at 4am, it was drizzling and I was already late for the briefing (it’s normal for me to be late in running events, anyway. Hahaha!). The HyperSports Team Coaches and the HyperSports Reserved Energy B&G were already setting up the tents and preparing the tables. From biodegradable paper cups to candies – the TEAM came all prepared!

Only a handful of runners made it to the event, but it was all worth the time and effort of everyone – from the organizers, sponsors, volunteers and runners. One runner even made his 5k debut in that event. Well, make it 5.4k. The track oval at Camp Aguinaldo was estimated to be 600 meters in circumference, and runners had to make 9 loops of it. The HyperSports Coaches showed their innate skills in running when they gamely faced the challenge of the event. It was the first that we’ve seen them in an actual run. And you all will agree with me that they deserve to be called a Coach. Really. And it was also the ‘chance’ for us to ‘coach’ them.  🙂  Ha ha ha!

The number of participants weren’t that many, but I can’t be wrong to say that everyone had a grand time. The happy faces we see as they pass by our mini – hydration station added an extra fun in the run. There were no race bibs and singlets but yeah, there were prizes!

In this event, everyone was a winner. After the event wrapped up, we all went home with the hope that Anika would live a better life.

Thanks to Slimmer’s World for the Gift Certificates.

Many THANKS to everyone!

Photo Credit: Yani-Si
HyperSports Phils., HyperSports Reserved Energy B&G


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  1. Good job guys! looking forward to our next project!


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    look forward to new posts.


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