HyperSports Get Fit Run 2012

It’s been a week after the Get Fit Run event at Quirino Grandstand. But the hype is still there. And this was also the debut racing event of HyperSports Philippines. It may not have been as grand as other races, but it was an event anticipated by many running enthusiasts.

It was more like a culminating activity for all the (active) participants of the Get Fit Sessions held every Saturday at the PhilSports Complex. The weekly sessions became the bonding time for us. And so the group called Reserved Energy B&G was formed, a non – elite group of runners who love the fun in every run.

A day before the event, there were changes made in the 21k route (as mandated by PATAFA). Come the race day, runners trooped to the venue as early as 4am. The various colors of singlets worn by the runners added to the festive mood of the event.

Though the gun start for 21k category was pushed back 15 minutes later to ensure the route was safe for the runners, it was all worth the wait. The usual stretching routine prior the gun start was given a twist with what was like zumba dance moves. And even the HyperSports coaches joined in the fun!

As soon as the routes were ready, 21k runners proceeded to the start line. Hundreds of pairs of foot stomped and pounded the long stretch of Roxas Boulevard turning right towards the CCP Complex and down to Macapagal Avenue. For added challenge, runners ran through the flyover in Buendia Avenue – not only one, but twice! Hydration stations were strategically positioned along the 21k route. And there was an abundance of bananas, too!

And who can miss out on the lenses of Yongsky and his team from the Running Photographers? And aside from official photographers, Merl Magtangob aka Spongebob Runner took the effort of taking photos while, yeah, running – his trademark! Moreover, I had the privilege of having a photo taken with Jam of SigueCorrer Runners.

Back in the activity area, Sir Boy “The Running Host” Ramos and Coach Edward Kho made sure that there was no dead air. Everyone waited and kept their fingers crossed wishing they’d win the prizes being raffled off. After the awarding ceremony, my friends and I waited by the finish line and had our photos taken. And of course, a jump shot will not be left out! And we had to do several retakes to make sure we had the best jump shot. Thanks to Ynny Cee and Yongsky who patiently took our photos. 🙂

HyperSports Reserved Energy B&G stood out in their official HyperSports Get Fit Session shirt. Despite having leg cramps by the 17th kilometre, I was able to make it in 2 hours and 23 seconds. I felt way better when one of the ‘medal girls’ handed me the medal after crossing the finish line. I got myself some stash at the finisher’s area as well. On a personal note, Get Fit Run was some sort of a reunion. There I met my very good friend – Team Alpha1’s Martian, Bryan, Daves and Noel; then there’s Omar Seradilla, Doc Minnie, Arvin, Otep and Ruth, and a whole lot more. I also came across some ARC/ Ok Ok Family Runners who coincidentally were having their LSD from KM0 to MOA and back.

A day later, I was surprised to have been tagged as The Sub2 Prince by Tita Anjie Lintao in her “first project”. Thanks Tita Anjie for the new moniker.

HyperSports did a great job on their very first racing event. All the efforts have paid off. It was a well organized event. It may not have been as grand as some races, but I’m certain it was a race that had made its own niche in the running community. Like many other runners, I enjoyed the run and yeah, craving for more! I’m sure you feel the same way as I do.

Can we look forward to Get Fit Run Leg 2?

The results are now available. Please check this link: Get Fit Run 2012 Official Results


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