TNF 100 Baguio Saga: Epilogue

I haven’t brought home the token of this journey. But what I have for you are the great experiences, lessons learned and the unforgettable stories of the trail…

I didn’t make it to the Sto. Tomas cut-off point within the 22-hour cut off time. Yet, the thrill, the adventure, and the fun was priceless. Eventhough I had to endure the pain, hunger and thirst, the searing heat of the sun, and the harsh blow of the of the evening wind that sent chills down my spine.  I was all to exhausted that I can hardly take in any food. Sleep has taken on me. Yet, I went on until my body can no longer move a muscle. I had to stop by the road side, and with the little energy I had left, I inched myself towards the rock and dozed off, until of the few remaining runners woke me up.

TNF 100 Baguio experience was an experience that will forever remain in my heart. I haven’t finished the race, but it’s something I won’t be ashamed to share with the world. The experience taught me not only to consider my needs as a runner and a person, but to think about my peers as well.  A happy disposition in life plays an important role in situations when you have no one to speak with, the sun’s rays are burning hot, the water supply is so scarce and the food is limited and minimal. And that no matter how difficult the situation you are currently in, try to be at your composure all the time. The people you meet along the course are just doing their job. When they greet you, try to at nod your head, or smile if you can’t afford to greet back just to let them know you acknowledge them. They may be paid for being there, but they are responsible to make sure we’re safe and we’re on the right track.

We meet a long of new people in the course of the race. Some we already knew, and the majority I would say, are new faces.  People skills or social skills are also important. There will be instances that we need their help, and vice versa. So if we maintain a cold shoulder, it will be difficult to ask for assistance.

Patience is a virtue we should possess. No matter how strong we are, if we don’t have that patience, we’ll give up easily. Anxiety will set in, and we’ll find the journey too long and too difficult. When the going gets tough, think about the happy things. When the tough gets goings, think of the good things in your life. At TNF 100 Baguio, I:

  • Was awake for more than 22 hours
  • climbed two high peaks
  • have been under the sun for about 12 hours
  • walked/jogged/ran the roughly 72 kilometres of the race course
  • endured the long walks, the climbs, the heat, hunger, thirst, fatigue, muscle cramps
  • shared the rough roads, concrete roads and the endless trails with people who have the same great passion for adventure, nature and running
  • had FUN!

I didn’t have sufficient training for this race. And it was my first ultradistance race.   Through the whole course that I took, friends back in Baguio and in Manila kept me company through Facebook and text. Jess never failed to check my location. Facebook comments kept coming.  They were the reasons for me to get going despite all the challenges of the trail. I never felt alone. And despite not being to finish the race, I have really good friends who still made me feel good about the whole thing. I am so thankful that God blessed me with these so many wonderful friends. And I would say that the running community has been so good to me.

I wish to thank Jesselyn Domingo Morales, Val de Leon, Gerald Urbayan, Bob Tolete, Anjo Balisalisa, Arvin Lasala, Ruth and Joseph Sibal – who have been my constant company; Doc Mary Ann D Ere, Erell Villalba, Coach Mherlz, Mader Rikki, Mommy Elsa, and Sir Boy Ramos and all the running friends – thank you for all the ‘likes’, for the encouragement, and for all your kinds words; Team USB, Reylynne and Chinky, Doc Cecil, JC Navarette, Choy; Janice of Salomon, the race marshals, the couple who owned a convenient store in Ampucao selling the halo – halo, the owner of the make – shift eatery; and all runners who shared with me the great and fulfilling experience of the trail.

Above all, I thank God for his endless goodness, for the friends and the countless blessings, for the courage, strength and wisdom to discern good things from the bad, and the keen judgment to make wise decisions.

I haven’t achieved my goal to cross TNF 100’s finish line. I may not have been victorious on this quest, but I know I fought a good fight.  Returning to start/finish line, I never felt any regret for not completing the race. I tried and put every effort I have to finish roughly 75km of the whole course. At the very least I could say, I’ve done it.

TNF 100 Baguio was an unfinished business. Losing in the game is not the reason to quit.

I’ll bounce back – SOON!


-=Thank You for your wonderful comments!=-

Noys Navarro never give up!!! 🙂

Wayne Plymale Jared, you shouldn’t feel regret. It happens. I’m looking forward to your recap on the blog. Rest and recover my friend!

Windi Hurley Great job anyway my friend! Keep that great spirit going, and go faster and farther next time!

Kevin Smith Yo! Awesome! Just trying was more than anyone would consider to do. You should be proud!

Michael Angelo nevertheless, you did great there..

Running Host Ive the greatest respect for people who show up at the starting even more for people who try their best to the limits of what their body can take. There will always be a next time its a good thing you have not been injured. Rest and recover well my friend =)

Elsa Agustin-Lagumen congratulations, jared… 75k is no joke… for taking on the challenge would take a lot of guts, and I should say, that is already a wild achievement.. yes, there will always be next time and you have a lot of time to prepare for that.. 😉 mwaahhh!

Jannet Castañeda de Lara ‎75km is already a big achievement baby. I’m so proud of you! Rest well. Muah! =)

Rikki Suarez yung 75km sa road more than 100kms na yan.

Karina Luth hugs bro! you fought well…

Beng Felix You have achieved something many people will give up easily. That was really awesome!! Salute! Salute!

Melchor Nicolas You did GREAT Jared! Amazing feat!

Jonah May Trapal Idol ka pa din! Astig! Rest well and gain back the reserved energy 🙂

Bernadette Joy Benedicto Pineda Thank God you’re safe!! Totoo pala yung kwento saken ng isa kong friend na may mga nakakatulog pala talaga along the road. Pagod ka din kasi before the race. Next TNF kasama nyo na ako OK? Well done, kuya Jared!! 🙂

Pam Mangampo jared dear, hindi nman lahat ng pagsuko ay pagkatalo maraming ka im sure lesson na nakuha s pagsali mu at tyak maggamit mu yan s mga susunod n panahon at oras! rest and recover well! see you soon!

Jaycee Navarrete Hats-off to you my friend!! Nobody can put into words what we’ve gone through! Congratulations! Let’s try to do a full mary in La Union this May 19.. =)

John Paul Lipardo Yeah.. I know Jared will have it next time… he will definitely conquer and completing his unfinished business w/ TNF100… Not every one have a courage to back-off even if it necessary to choose that option.. 😀

Elmar Bob Tolete Congrats 🙂

Rj Knight Runner congrats Jared. its all worth it.

Julito Jojo Pauly congratssss pa rin sa ating lahat! binigay natin ang 100 porsyento ng ating makakaya. lets be proud, charge to experience muna this time….. for sure nxt time victorious na tayo 🙂

Ed Escueta nice trekking with u along the trails jared! next time ulit! :))

Jb Brian well said Sir! it was a great trail run. until next trail running with vengeance.

Cherrilyn Balingbing may next time pa naman eh…magpractice ka na muna ..para ready kana pagdating ng time na un….a tleast you do your very best on dat trail…

Annaly Alojado congrats Red!

Zen Dey Congrats Jared!

Summer Drunner excited sa blog mo about it…

Mharu Pacana blog review…. yun ang abangan ko Supladong Irish Runner….

Paula Perez congrats! Will wait for ur blog. 🙂

Victor Cruz oks lang yun! 😀 the effort to do 100 is a feat in itself 🙂

Jobert Dela Victoria ok lang un ja! importante u enjoyed the experience!

Joseph Sibal naku babawian natin yan! hahaha…


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