Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Leg 1

After all the preparations, and despite the threats of heavy rains, Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Leg 1 pushed through. Registered racers have come to the venue as early as May 26th, a day before the race to acclimatize and be familiar with the place and the race route.

I was supposed to come to the venue on May 26th as well. But due to some prior commitments, I wasn’t able to make it. The last trip to San Andres leaves the terminal at Cogeo Market at 7pm. Nonetheless, as early as 2am on May 27th, I was already up and ready. I proceeded to Masinag Market where the van was waiting to pick up other racers.

At the venue, I saw and met a lot of familiar faces, and got to know a few more runners. Being the event host, I had to make sure that participants are well informed of the race details, discuss the rules and other things that they need to know. Individual runners and various running groups were present at the event. By 5:30am, 21k runners set off from the start line followed by the 10k runners. And guess what?! A little over an hour later, we already had the top finisher for 21k category – men. How’s that?! That despite the fact of the toughness of the route. (We conducted the test run three weeks prior to the race and we had the first hand experience how difficult the route was). Soon, we were able to compile the complete list of all the top finishers.

The PIMCO staff, Coach Mherlz and I stayed at the Start/ Finish Line area and made sure that things went smoothly.  Even though we weren’t running, we still had a great time doing the tasks we were assigned to do. As a host, I had to privilege to have the bird’s eye view of the whole event. The only downside is I am not able to enjoy the trail, as much as the runners did. And on a personal note, I hope I have made the runners more proud of themselves by acknowledging them as they approach the Finish Line.

Around 9 in the morning, we started the awarding ceremony. Prizes and medals were awarded to the winners. And to further perk up the morning’s activities, five (5) gift certificates for Tanay Adventure, and 3 pairs of Viking Shoes (courtesy of Norphl) were raffled off.

Before lunch time, we wrapped up with the program as soon as all the runners have crossed the Finish Line. I had my bowl of the healthy oat meal. All too exhausted, I easily dozed off in my seat. It was time to head back to Manila. We boarded the van and drove off.

The serenity of the place is something I can’t get over with. The place maybe way behind in terms of industrialisation, but it’s a place where you would want to do early morning walks, spend away the cozy afternoons, and sleep off the quietness of the night. The rustic ambiance was reminiscent of the country living when I was growing up as a kid. Given the chance, I would really want to go back to San Andres again.

PIMCO Sporting Events has released the Official Results of the Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Leg 1. Click the link below.
Official Race Results

Don’t miss the second leg of the Nature’s Trail Discovery Run on September 1 – 2, 2012. All new Trail. All new Experience.

Details will be posted here soon.
See you there!


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  1. @nerdthatruns @Matt: Thank you!


  2. fcrunner says:

    Jared, really nice post! The photo is awesome! Hope everything’s well my friend!


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