Free Summit on Philippine Health & Wellness, Look & Feel Great Event

An  advocacy  event  that  aims  to  provide  the  public  and  invited  socio-civic groups  as  well  as  students  organizations ‘  summit  on  health  and  wellness is  being  produced  and  organized  by  Ex-link Events  as  part  of its  11th  year  celebration  on  June  30 – July 1, 2012 in Megatrade  Hall, SM Megamall.

Free seminars  on  Diabetes, Hypertension, Dengue , Breast  Cancer as  well  as  Reproductive  Health will be  conducted  by  select  expert  doctors  in the  fields. This is  to  spread  awareness  and strengthen  education  campaign  on  the  common  cause  of  illnesses  among  Filipinos. Lined  up  also in the  two-day  free  entrance summit  are  topics  on  Natural  Medicine  as an alternative way  to be  cured  and  prevention, Lecture  on branded medicine  and  Generics  Medicines, Personality  Development, Laughter  Yoga  Session, Zumba  demo  and  session, Pole  dancing demo  and  session  as  well as  Karate Demo  and  Sessions.  Other lectures  and  film  showing  on wellness, beauty  and  health  are  also being  added in the programme of  activities. Admission  to  the  summit is on  a first  come  first  serve  basis  for  seats  and  those  who  will register  on line  will receive special  giveaways  upon  entry  to the  summit.

The  Philippine  Health  and  Wellness  Summit  also  comes  with  a twin  expo   entitled  ”  Look  and  Feel  Great event ”  where  showcase  of  beauty, health  and  wellness  exhibitors, sponsors  and  supporters  will be  presented  to the  public  for  free entrance  upon  registration.

“Its  high time  for  our  fellow  Filipinos  to gather  together  in  the  Philippine  Health  and  Wellness  Summit  to  learn  more  of  the  common  health  concerns  both  prevention  and  cure.

Likewise, the   expo  on the  Look  and  Feel  Great   will   provide  them  options  on  products  and  services  that  will help  them  on the  beauty  , health  and  wellness  aspects  of  their being,” said  Mitch  Ballesteros, CEO, Ex-link Events.

For  inquiries  on  participation, attendance  on the  summit  and  sponsorship call Ex-link Events :  (02)643.3887, (02)640.7439, (02)643.7760 or  text  0920-9242532 or  visit

*This is an official press statement from Ex-link Events.


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