Alaska IronKids Held in MOA

It was a great Sunday morning, and as ealy as 6, aboout 150 kids with ages ranging from 6 to 14 years old gathered at SM MOA grounds for a morning of fun and competition in the Alaska IronKids (running). The event was held on April 29, 2012. The kids competed in four categories, based on the group they belonged to. The four categories they competed in were: 1k (6 to 8 years old); 1.5k (9 to 10 years old); 2k (1 to 12 years old); and 3k (13 to 14 years old)

Prior to the gunstart of every category, the runners gathered at the holding area for last minute instructions. At the gunstart, as the usual routine, “elite” runners took the front line. While waiting for the gunstart, some were stretching or chatting up with their friends.

The 3k category was the first to set off. At exactly 6:30am, Mr. Guy Concepcion fired signaled the gun start race. In barely quarter of an hour, the top finishers for 3k category – boys and girls have already crossed the finish line.

The 2k category followed at exactly 6:45am. Loud cheers emanated not just from parents, but also from the supporters in the crowd. Young as they were, they trained for a great finish. Eexcitement and competitiveness can be seen through their eyes.  Parents and supporters were as excited, or could even be more excited than the runners!

The Author with the Second Place Winner Lee Andrei Alvarez (00:08:12)
2k Category – Boys

The top runners in the 2k category had already crossed the finish line before the kids in 1.5k category left the start line. I was moving around the activity area when I bumped into a familiar face — Lee Andrei Alvarez. A winner’s ID hung around his neck. I took the opportunity of having my photo taken with them. He was with his mom and dad. I’m proud of this kid, whom I train with on Wednesdays at Team Runner Academy – BHS.

1.5k category and 1k categories had their respective gunstart as scheduled. Runners and top finishers crossed the finish line in a friendly competition. Talking to some of the participants, it was imminent how sports helped them to be more disciplined, and taught them the value of sportsmanship and determination.

The awarding ceremony commenced as soon as the winners have been identified, and all the runners have completed their respective races. The winners received trophy, medal and gift pack from Alaska. The top 3 finishers for each category were:

3k Category Winners:
First Place: Justine Kyle Mapalo 00:11:23
Second Place: Mark Gregory Pile 00:11:30
Third Place: Enrico John Penera 00:11:54

First Place: Ma. Chrissetille Ballesteros 00:14:14
Second Place: Mari Glycel So 00:14:16
Third Place: Isabella Danielle Kapunan 00:15:16

2k Category Winners:
First Place: Kim Sayrio dela Cruz 00:07:39
Second Place: Lee Andrei Alvarez 00:08:12
Third Place: Eryake Mengorio 00:08:18

First Place: Maria Margarita delos Reyes 00:08:25
Second Place: Lovely Rica Moreno 00:08:30
Third Place: Hannah de Guzman 00:08:33

1.5k Category Winners:
First Place: Andrei Alexi Aban 00:06:08
Second Place: Benjamin Laxa – Pangilinan 00:06:17
Third Place: Fernando Diaz 00:06:23

First Place: Tara Borlain 00:05:47
Second Place: Everly Janarie Macalalad 00:05:58
Third Place: Lauren Justine Plaza 00:06:01

1k Category Winners:
First Place: Joaquin Tyson Ogsimer 00:04:14
Second Place: Umi Martin Abelarde 00:04:41
Third Place: Iñigo Lorenzo Zialcita 00:04:42

First Place: Angelina Powell 00:04:10
Second Place: Rianna Cruz 00:04:41
Third Place: Princess Tayrus 00:04:47

Isabella Rivera, a multisport enthusiast

Side events in the activity area perked up the whole event. There’s the Alaska Fitness Challenge where they had to spin a wheel which will determine the kind of sport activity they will perform. It can be a jump rope, do the hoola hoop , or do some sit – ups. Then they had to spin another wheel to determine the number of times they will do the activity. Prizes were given to lucky contestants.

I was glad to bump into Jane and Jonah Rivera, two of my really good friends in the running community, whose daughter Isabella, was also a participant. I’ve met them last year in one of our carbo loading parties at Dad’s Megamall. Isabella, when I met her, seemed a bit shy but this pretty girl can really beat any other kids her age in multisport events – as she just doesn’t run, she also rides a bike and runs. Just like mom and dad!

Another mom, whose also into multisport, shared that her kids don’t have much of a regular training. Her children’s exposure in the sports that she and her husband are engaged in was more than enough to get them into sports as well.

Celebrity couple Jan Marini and Gerard Pizzara were spotted in the venue to provide support to their eldest child. Anthony Pangilinan in his multisports get up, and family were also at the event to lend support to Donny and Benjamin Pangilinan.

I had the opportunity to speak with Donny Pangilinan at the activity area. Though he wasn’t able to make it to the top three, he said that he will train more and do better in his future races. A very young athlete at his age, he already showed a real sense of sportsmanship and determination – and that is what Alaska Milk Corporation aims to achieve.

Donny Pangilinan, with Justine Kyle Mapalo & Mark Gregory Pile

It was a morning of triumphs and a great opportunity for all the participants to know that even at their very young age, they can already be winners. A majority of the runners may not have made it to the Top 3, but those kids dream that one day, they will also finish the race as podiumers. That’s the spirit!

Aside from the training that kids get from their respective coaches, the support they receive from their family and proper nutrition through milk play a vital role on how well they perform. Moreover, their exposure to the same sport that their parents are involved in, inspire them to excel and become better athletes.

To emphasize the importance of good nutrition to boost every athlete’s performance, Alaska had put up a booth where runners and spectators alike can drop in and enjoy the refreshing and healthy goodness of Alaska Sweet Milk or Alaska Choco drinks, bottomless! I preferred the Alaska Sweet Milk — it tasted so good that I had at least two cups of it.

Alright. Did you miss the fun and excitement of this event? You can catch the second leg of the Alaska IronKids Aquathlon on June 17, 2012 in Palms Country Club, Filinvest, Alabang.

Be there when it happens!


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