Are you all excited? The trail is waiting. See you on May 27th..!


It’s summer!

It’s time for the sun, the sea and the beach. Or, enjoy the cool breeze and the magnificent sceneries of Baguio City.  What a great way to relax and gel with your families and friends.

Looking back a year or so in the past, we’ve seen ourselves going through the toughest of times.  Natural calamities struck us in the worst way possible just when we least expect them.  And these are the things that are way beyond human control.  Countless lives and source of living have been lost due to massive flash floods that hit the countryside and the metro.  What could have been the root cause of these? You bet! The thinning forests have greatly contributed to the global warming which in turn, resulted to the landslides and floods whenever a heavy rain pours.  All these serve as a wake up call not just for the government…

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