Run United 1: The 2012 Opening 21k Run

Photo Credit: Edrick Nicdao

So much has been said and heard about the Run United Trilogy 2012. When the registration details came out with fees amounting to as much as Php900.00, complaints started to surface. There were violent reactions regarding the sky rocketing fees. Others remained calm about it. Various blogs and forums accommodated different views and opinions from runners and running enthusiasts. Despite the increase in the registration fees, an estimated 11,000 runners have registered, 4,000 of which are registered in 21k category (data taken from an email sent by Runrio dated February 27, 2012).

The registration fee is directly proportional to the total cost of the race. One thing that could have been done away with is the race belt which was included in the race kit. The cost of the race belt may not be that much, however, collectively, it could have lessened the total cost of race. Thereby, could have lessened the registration fee. Hopefully, in the succeeding legs of the series, the race organizer will reconsider about not including any items that are not really necessary, like the race belt. Why? One can still join the race without it.

Since last year, I have already planned of joining the Run United Trilogy. The increase in the registration then was not even thought of. Nonetheless, it’s something that I have prepared for, money – wise. I understand that not everyone can afford to pay for high registration fees. But on a personal standpoint, if you are going to join a race, you must be prepared that it would cost you some money. In fact, before you go to the actual race, you’ve already spent a real good sum of money to buy your running gear – shoes, socks, running shorts, hydration belts, caps or sun visors, shades, and what have you. In essence, you really have to save up if you want to get into racing events.

There are races that don’t cost that much, or should we say, have reasonable fees. And why do the Runrio events have fees that are quite a pain the arse? Runners always complain about little things in every event – race venue, hydration, finisher’s shirt, medals and loot bags. But if you take a closer look at how Runrio handles its events, you can see a difference. Runrio always strives to provide runners with the best amenities in its running events. It keeps on innovating its races so that runners gain new experiences every time. One significant upgrade is the medal. Once you have completed all the three races, you can link them together to form a single medal. When join the final race – the Philippine Marathon, you can put all the pieces together into one big medal! We wanted good races, yet we complain about the cost. We should know that sometimes, we have to pay for better services.

Come race day, two buses – Bus A (Bib 0001 – 2000) and Bus B (Bib 2001 – 4000), were provided where 21k runners can deposit their baggage, but you won’t be able to identify which bus is A from bus B as there were no indicators. The buses shuttled the deposited baggage to MOA, and that’s where all the chaos in claiming the bags arose. Some runners have gotten onto the bus to look for their bags, which I would say, posed some security risks. What if someone took other’s belongings aside from his? Not to be judgmental, but you can’t be complacent about that as well. There were staff assigned in those buses, and they could have asked the runners to fall in line to make the claiming more orderly. As an initiative, you could have taken the plate number or the body number of the bus where you checked in your things. And maybe due to excitement, or if you are in a hurry, you won’t be able to take note of them. This may not really work. This is an area of opportunity for the organizer. ☆

At around 4:30am, the first wave of approximately 2,000 runners set off and followed by the second wave 5 minutes later. There were a couple of hydration stations that I passed by and the way it was – the attendants weren’t so prepared, or perhaps, were caught off guard with the avalanche of runners. But all other hydration stations were all set. ☆☆★

I didn’t have the chance to move around the activity area. Meeting up with my friends at the finisher’s area was more important for me. This is a personal way to catch up on each other, aside from Facebook, Twitter or through SMS.

I had the opportunity to talk to some of my friends who were able to make some rounds at the activity area who said that they had a good time. So, I’ll live up to that. And I’m pretty sure that Runrio won’t fail its runners, as it has always been.

Run United 1: ☆☆★★

My question to you now is, did the organizer meet your expectations about the race?
Please feel free to share your opinions and be heard.

Get your results through SMS: Click here

The official results have already been released. Please follow this link >> Run United 1 2012 Official Results

Run United 2 is scheduled on June 17th.


17 Responses to Run United 1: The 2012 Opening 21k Run

  1. Well, based on my my personal experience regarding the race, I gave Coach Rio a Two Thumbs-up…Hydration is good, there was enough supply of bananas compared with the previous races, the route is good (all categories were separated from one another to avoid traffic, except for the Buendia flyover were there is no enough lightings), the medal is so amazing, everything for me is Outstanding….


  2. You’re always welcome Jared :-)….See you on the next Race


  3. RunRio failed here in Iloilo. They cancelled the event last year and was never heard of again, and considering Iloilo had the most number of registered runners (14,000+) for Milo Elimination race outside Manila the month before. What happened to our registration fees? Are they waiting for legal action from us?


    • @Jonah Naranjo: I’m sorry to hear about that. Have you contacted Runrio regarding the event that that did push through what’s going to happen to the registration fees that have not been refunded to the runners? Was the race part of the Runrio Trilogy, or a diffrent one?


  4. JP says:

    Runrio only gets one thumbs up for me. As one of the runners who didn’t get any kits or shirts from the 21k finisher’s tent, I got frustrated as did many others. It didn’t look like there was a proper system of distribution and many of the earlier finishers got multiple kits and bags and some of the staff also took home kits even though they weren’t supposed to. I even saw a bouncer at the finisher’s tent asking the attendants for a kit. But I thank runrio for the quick statement. The portalets at the finish area were a bit awful. The portalets in Condura had their own attendants who would spray some disinfectant once in a while to make sure the portalets didn’t get dirty.

    Kudos though for keeping the route well-staffed. Sorry na lang sa mga naperwisyong motorists in Buendia. There were some fat, irate, drunk, head-shaved clubbers on their luxury SUVs in the opposite lane screaming profanities and “anong mapapala nyo jan?” at us but I consider that a badge of honor hehe. Even though I was in the trailing pack, there were still plenty of powerade, bananas and sponges. Still a decent event and looking forward for the next legs.

    Someone had their car burglarized again in the SM parking lot 😦 just like last year. I hope they can address this.


    • @JP: I appreciate your sound judgment and for showing prudence in voicing out your too honest opinion on Run United 1.
      You just didn’t look at the downsides of the event. You were able to appreciate the good side it, and even interested to join the upcoming legs.

      Hope you have fully recovered by now. Let’s hit the road again on June 17th for the Leg 2.


  5. Sly says:

    i agree that joining a race or any event requires some investment. if you are not comfortable with the fees then don’t join, simple. i could not imagine my self running the 21K burdened with the the thought that i;m shortchanged…that would be no fun at all.

    RunRio or otherwise ,i’d just do what I love doing….takbo!


  6. JP says:

    By the way, if you get invited to coach rio’s blogger’s dinner for leg 2 please raise the bukas-kotse gang situation in the SM carpark and to put the category label in the claim stubs so that there is no confusion in the finisher’s tents. Thanks


  7. URL says:

    Thanks for the post. I like your writing style – I’m trying to start a blog myself, I think I might read thru all your posts for some suggestions! Thanks once more.


  8. Just so everyone know, I received a prompt reply from Runrio regarding the discrepancy in my results. I sent them an email on March 13th, 2012..they replied in 24 hours. It’s a very good turn around time for feedback!


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