What I Feel For You

I can’t explain this feeling that strangles me
And crushes my heart everytime I can’t get myself around you.
I long to wrap my arms around you and whisper how much you mean to me
But I just can’t because I’m afraid that you will turn and walk away.

You treated me like no one ever did
Brought that bit of confidence out of me
You stood up when I got no one to lean on
And made me feel I am more than just a person.

I can almost touch you but you seem so far away
We’re one step apart but I’m so far behind
I tried to reach you but the wall won’t break down
I just stepped back and looked at you from afar.

When this will ever end?
I tried, and I have tried quite enough to sleep away this yearning
Yet, what I feel for you, deep inside me just keeps on burning.
I’m leaving while I can still bear the pain
Though it may seem that I have lost you


3 Responses to What I Feel For You

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  2. green tea says:

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  3. thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.


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