The Rescue Run 2011: Runners for Runners

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The aftermath of Typhoon Sendong that struck Iligan and Cagayan de Oro was so devastating that the government and NGO’s alike have pooled whatever resources there is available to help the victims of the mudslides and flashfloods.  The disaster caught the attention of local and international media.  Help started pouring in from practically all parts of the globe.  Filipinos worldwide have made their pledges and sent in their donations.

Animo Events, headed by Rovic Gloria Canono, along with other running groups and individual runners, brainstormed to what has been called The Rescue Run 2011.  The events committee had so little time (read: nine days) to prepare for the event, which was scheduled on December 31, 2011 at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill.  Despite of the short notice, volunteers came pouring in to help out during the event. Runners and interested participants started to register on December 26. And more came in to register on the event day.           More sponsors have offered their assistance as well.

Pinoyfitness manned the registrations at ROX. Registration was also made available in A Runner’s Circle (ARC) and Second Wind store.  On the day of the event, the Running Host, Sir Boy Ramos, came in with his PA System. Otsuka Philippines donated boxes of Pocari Sweat.  Most importantly, many running enthusiasts came in so early in the morning to be part of what is called, and I would like to quote Sir Boy Ramos – “Run as One. Runners for Runners”.  Runners for Runners in the sense that the majority, if not all people involved in the planning and execution of the event were all runners. And yes, what better way to conclude the year is to run for a cause that’s really worthy of our time, effort and our resources. Runners came in with their family members. Running groups like Team Alphan 1, Team Titans, Powerpuff Boys, Climb Against Cancer, Team United, and many more, showed their support.  IBM employees came in with their specially designed singlets. Our friends from the Philippine Armed Forces also joined in.  Even a dog named Link participated in the event! OK – OK Runners and Love Running Club manned the hydration stations.

 And who can escape the photographers’ lenses?  A group of volunteer photographers captured Rescue Run moments.  The race route was manned by volunteer marshals.  Baggage counters, donation tent, and onsite registration booths were all manned by volunteers. A group of drummers, whom we refer to as  Ati – Atihan, did a great job to pump up the event. And take note, all these volunteers are all runners.

I have been given the opportunity to host the event with our very Running Host, Michelle Estuar and Diane Aquino (of PBB).  This event fulfilled my Christmas wish – and that is to host a running event. Being my first, and I had this ‘first few minutes’ jitters.  I was sort of trying to find a spot as to when to butt in. And as the event went on, I felt more relaxed exchanging remarks with my co – hosts.  To perk up the event, Soleus donated a watch for the best in Rescue Run costume. The Runner Up won for himself a box of Pocari Sweat.  Racekits for PSE Bull Run, Soleus watches and Pocari drinks were raffled off to the lucky runners.  The team with the most number of registered runners and the family with the most number of registered members, each went home with a box of Pocari Sweat.   Then there was a ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ contest, where five runners gamely joined in. We even had a special participation of Aeon Zagala! Each contestant got himself a box of Pocari Sweat.

Despite of the pressure, the event’s director, Kat, remained composed all throughout the event.  Clap! Clap! Clap! And to finally wrap it all up, the hosts – Sir Boy  Ramos, Michelle Estuar, Diane Aquino and myself had our breakfast at the Red Crab.

We all went home with a happy heart, knowing that in our own little way, we did our part to help the humanity by giving back to the community.

These are the sponsors of the event. There are still others that I might not have mentioned, please post your comments to be acknowledged. Thank you.

Animo Events
A Runner’s Circle
Second Wind
Venice Piazza
97.9 Home Radio
Pocari Sweat
Rogin E
React Philippines
Val ‘Yongsky’ de Leon
Boy Ramos
OK – OK Runners


14 Responses to The Rescue Run 2011: Runners for Runners

  1. Runtek says:

    Good job my friend!


  2. jobz says:

    More to come…good luck…


  3. runnerstoe says:

    Indeed a collective effort of everyone to make RESCUE RUN a great success!

    Congrats for being one of the event hosts! Good job!


    • //it is..and am so overwhelmed how it turned out — how runners made it possible and smooth for our fellow runners…
      ..thank you for the compliments.. @runnerstoe…


  4. kingofpots says:

    where are the so-called “runner-bloggers”; runrio; run for change; TBR; triathletes, and the other race organizers? just talking out loud! i was amazed with the runners and all the volunteers in this event. can we do this even if there is no disaster or victims to help?


  5. great Post! 🙂


  6. Jarod Lewy says:

    Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a bad determination outstanding post! .


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