Why SuPLaDo?

suplado: snobbish. a person who is a snob.

I’ve been asked this very same question numerous times.

I transferred to another school a year ago.  Being a new student, I barely knew anyone.  Since I enrolled late, I have already missed a week’s worth of lessons.  And it was quite difficult for me because I was an irregular student.  And since I don’t talk that much, some find me a bit of a snob. A few weeks after, I got to know some of my classmates.  And to make it easier for me to remember their names, I would associate them with a word or an adjective. And one of them, we called each other Suplado. And how he calls me just stuck – Suplado.


5 Responses to -=SuPLaDo_aKo=-

  1. maricarhiponia@rocketmail.com says:



  2. Ms_Mars says:

    really? i thought it was another version, KpS?! hehe!
    congrats on ur page here…


  3. fcrunner says:

    Hi Jared. In the few posts I’ve exchanged with you, suplado would be the last thing that would come to my mind. You’ve been very open and friendly actually. Sometimes, people look at others different just as you said on your post. Here, where I live, I’m quiet and sometimes shy and people think the same way. I don’t worry about it…I jyst try to be myself.

    In your first year of running, you have made enormous strides. Going from just running on McKinley hill to the Milo Marathon is inspiring and a determination. All the best to you. I’ll continue reading, chatting, exchanging posts and more. Please keep running and be safe! – Wayne


    • Thank you, Wayne for the great motivation. I sometimes feel alienated by people who are not used to someone who speaks English. I’m not sure if they are intimated by my presence, or just being shy to approach me. I have made a number of really good friends in school, and I think that’s what’s more important. At some point, one doesn’t need to have many acquaintances. A few good friends will do. But having many great friends is amazing!


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