Go Cashless With PayMaya

COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes to the way we live, our dealings with other people and how we handle our daily responsibilities like doing the groceries or buying medicines, vitamins or supplements. Online shopping and online payment systems have form part of the new normal.

Whenever I buy groceries at Mercury Drugstore, I use PayMaya, which is very convenient because there’s no need to hand in payment to the cashier. All you need to do is scan the merchant’s QR code, enter the amount you are paying for and you’re good to go. Online payment systems actually allow you to observe safety protocols since there’s no exchange of cash (you don’t know who was the last person to have gotten hold of those bills or coins). Using PayMaya to pay for your purchases online is another convenience because you don’t need to enter your credit card or bank information.

Now, you can even earn Php100.00 by simply using PayMaya. Download the PayMaya app from Google Play or from the App Store now. Register using my code 1ser9qm.

Don’t let the pandemic stop you. Pay Safely and Securely with PayMaya.

Investing in Global Emerging Themes” To “Future Proof” Portfolio

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t entirely prove a downward trend for investors who wish to diversify their portfolios on a global scale. There are still opportunities for investing, such as in global “emerging themes,” to future-proof one’s portfolio.

This is according to Allen Martin Dee, Head of Investment Solutions at BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation (BPI AMTC) in a recently held BPI AMTC webinar “The Bull, The Bear and The Virus – The Anatomy of Resilient Investment Plans.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic will change the way consumers behave, and we’re already seeing it now. This is the perfect time to future proof your portfolio by investing in emerging themes such as healthcare, technology, innovation, and sustainability,” explained Dee.

“These themes are going to do very well in the coming years and we encourage you to diversify your portfolio so that you can take advantage of this opportunity,” he added.

Diversification is important because every year, there are winners and losers in the market, Dee said. “There was a time when the S&P 500, the main US index of stocks, was the best performing in the past 12 years. But there are also times when Emerging Markets did better.”

He continued, “there were times when gold did better, and a year when cash was the best performing asset class. It’s very difficult to pick winners, and there is a different winner almost every single year. But if you have a balanced portfolio, then you can take advantage of whoever wins in that year.”

BPI AMTC also noticed that there is a common misconception on investing in global assets, as some investors think that this is riskier. But this is not always the case, said Dee.

“The fact is, over a ten-year period, the numbers show that global equities gave better returns with less volatility compared to local equities. While the Philippines continued to grow at a rapid pace and obtained its investment grade credit rating along the way, other parts of the world are advancing more significantly. Dramatic progress in the varied fields of technology and healthcare spurs new innovative ideas, giving investors a glimpse of the future and a chance to participate in potentially more profitable ventures. A balance of domestic and offshore investments keeps your portfolio diversified and resilient over the long term.”

Investing in the time of COVID-19

The webinar also featured Bank of the Philippine Islands and BPI AMTC Independent Director Ignacio Bunye who shared his experience as a seasoned investor.

Bunye’s investment journey with BPI AMTC, which spans over two decades, has weathered several market declines including the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

To navigate investments amidst COVID-19, he shared some insights on how to build one’s savings and how to effectively invest in the long term.

“As the saying goes, every threat has a corresponding opportunity. Under these extraordinary times, it is prudent for you to set aside a cash buffer to meet your basic expenses for a certain period of time and for any unforeseen circumstances. Having done this, just stay calm and stay invested. Keep your eyes wide open for the evolving risks while simultaneously looking out for investment opportunities.”

Mr Bunye also emphasized the importance of working with fund managers who are better equipped to weather the turbulence in the financial markets brought by crises such as COVID-19.

“A doctor does not operate on himself but gets another doctor to do so. But the more practical reason is the lack of time I can devote to managing the investment. It is almost impossible to have an ordinary day job and still be as in touch with the financial markets as much as a fund manager can. Because of hands-on, day-to-day interaction, a fund manager is also better positioned to make timely investment decisions.”

The webinar was attended by over 600 clients and bank frontliners.

BPI AMTC holds regular webinars on the financial markets, featuring its diverse pool of investment experts in the Philippines, and foreign fund managers from Hong Kong, and Singapore.

To learn more about these webinars, email bpiamtcbrand@bpi.com.ph

GO For The PERFECT 10!

The Fit Filipino Movement (FitFil) led by Health & Fitness VIP Coaches Jim & Toni Saret and co-presenter NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss, invite you, your family and loved ones to the 20-day Facebook Live FREE workout sessions designed for all beginners and active fitness buffs starting June 22, 2020 (Monday) at 4pm.

The daily workout sessions can be accessed through your mobile phones, tablets or iPads at the convenience of your home and more importantly, at your own pace. The workout sessions may help you to get fit and stay fit, and lose some pounds without resorting to any crash diet to spare those precious strands.

Joining is FREE, plus you get the chance to win exciting prizes!

How NOVUHAIR can help?

NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion is formulated with 19 natural ingredients that work in synergy to help prevent hair loss.

Go for the perfect 10!
As a hair loss remedy, this VIP promo kit offers an extra 120ml bottle worth P1,990 for FREE. That’s 64% savings for an effective hair treatment for men and a safe female hair loss treatment.


World Vision Virtual Run For Children 2020

Due to covid-19 pandemic, a lot of races have been cancelled. But it doesn’t mean that as runners, we should stop training. It also doesn’t mean that we should stop racing. Thanks to various organisers who came up with the idea of virtual races.

World Vision Run was one of those races that’s closest to my heart. Not only that it is platform for runners to put their trainings to test but also the race’s proceeds help send children to school.

Haven’t you tried joining a virtual race? Here’s your chance to do so! I am inviting you to join the World Vision Virtual Run for Children 2020, which starts on June 15 until July 31, 2020. Check out the race details below.

World Vision Virtual Run for Children 2020
June 15 – July 31, 2020
Race Distances: 21K, 50K, 100K, 200K (Accumulated Distance)

Race PackageRegistration FeeInclusions
I RUN FOR EDUCATION (STANDARD)Php 1,050Microfiber Polyester (Drifit) Fabric and Finisher’s Medal, e-Certificate, inclusive of delivery within the Philippines
I RUN FOR HEALTH & NUTRITION (PREMIUM)Php 1,350Closed Mesh Full-Sublimation Shirt with Fine Details and Stitch, Finisher’s Medal, e-Certificate, inclusive of delivery within the Philippines
BUNDLE PACKPhp 1,650I Run for Education Shirt + I Run for Health & Nutrition Shirt, Finisher’s Medal, e-Certificate, inclusive of delivery within the Philippines

Sign up for the World Vision Run for Children 2020, and complete your desired distance. You can choose from the standard 21K (half marathon), or ultra race distances – 50K, 100K and 200K. Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete the distance in just one go. The distances are cumulative. You have about six (6) weeks to complete your goal. Whilst there won’t be marshals at the finish line to hand over your medal, give yourself a pat on the back after completing your race distance. Your medal, finisher’s shirt and e – Certificate will be mailed to you.

World Vision Virtual Run for Children 2020
Standard Package
World Vision Virtual Run for Children 2020
Premium Package
World Vision Virtual Run for Children 2020
Bundle Package

World Vision is dedicated to help Filipino children lead better lives and become responsible citizens with education, health and nutrition through various programs.

Sign up here and join the FUN with World Vision Virtual Run for Children.

If you have further enquiries about virtual runs, please visit virtual run FAQs.

Run safe everyone!

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